Brand History

An oasis of Dece

ADO stands for A Dece Oasis, which means Oasis in the Desert, and is inspired by Lake Crescent - a diamond on the Silk Road and a bridge connecting East and West. It has been flowing through the desert for thousands of years. People had a huge challenge when crossing the desert, and Crescent Lake empowered them with the hope and energy to overcome the challenge.


Founder and CEO:

As the founder and CEO of ADO, Mr. Sen leads the design and product development, engineering, and global supply chain of e-bikes, scooters, and accessories. Mr. Sen is a technological innovation fanatic and a very creative inventor. He loves new things and always has

Created "possibility" from "impossible." He has 16 years of technology management before founding ADO. He is a true inventor and innovator, with 5 patented inventions. He is a peace-loving, warm and optimistic person, which adds to the symbolism of the brand.


Improve the urban commuting experience:

Mr. Sen traveled to more than 50 cities. He talked to his local partners and found that people like to commute by bike, but the roads are rough and difficult. He began to think about how he could change the urban commuting experience. Thus, the creation of ADO grew out of his strong determination to improve the urban commuting experience. He perceived that green and healthy commuting "40KM electric short-distance" has become a trend.In 2020, he continued to study the pain points such as "existing products cannot meet the needs of comfortable travel on all road conditions", and decided to choose electric commuting as the entrepreneurial direction, and ADO was born.


Branded Heart:

Be a strong commuter partner in urban life.

Our mission is to provide people around the world with amazing riding experiences during their daily commute by creating electric bikes, electric scooters and accessories. Our user-friendly mindset and practice, world-class materials and functional technology is what makes us different. ADO supports our users with the latest performance possibilities in everyday life.


Our mission:

1. To be a solid commuter partner in urban life to provide people around the world with extraordinary riding experiences during daily commuting by creating electric bikes, electric scooters and accessories.

Our user-friendly mindset and practice, world-class materials and functional technology are what make us different. ADO supports our users with maximum performance possibilities in everyday life.

2. Unlocking the possibilities of life

We stay close to our users and partners to learn what they are passionate about, how they live their lives, and support them to better achieve their goals. Our vision is to enable users to better unlock their life potential by creating an electric cycling community full of love and growth.


Basic brand competitiveness:

Service: The ADO brand promises to provide consumers with "worry-free" localized technology and after-sales service, including:

A. European local maintenance service, including free replacement service for a new ebike when maintenance is not available (in case of product quality issues);

1. Ten years warranty: chassis

2.One year warranty:

2.1 Structural parts: front fork, seat tube, handlebars, stem, brake handle, brake lever, crank, sprocket, shifter, derailleur ;

2.2 Electrical components - charger, battery, motor, controller, instrument, booster, USB charger, throttle handle, 2in1 switch, head light;

If there is a problem with the product during the above warranty period, it will be replaced free of charge if it cannot be repaired.

B. Local European service to provide replacement parts (free of charge if it is a product issue);

C. Availability of real-time online technical information;

D. Real-time online technical advice and operational guidance;

E. Fast shipping from local European warehouses.